Public Administration

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Smart Transformation

We promote city and territory transformation, as well as their corporations, focusing on the opportunities that each territory, its environment and economy offers, and leveraging all the assets and stakeholders, through innovation, the development of key services and resources for cities and regions to improve their livability with the ultimate goal of improving the citizen’s quality of life, city resilience and facilitating the action of the government, through open and real time data and information, as well as impacting and benefitting the environment and all the areas of the city (mobility, energy, education, health, waste management, resilience, economy, etc.).

ICT Efficiency

DOXA hepls to the detection, search and promotion of initiatives aimed at the rationalization of ICT assets, through the use of specialized tools that help systematize cost control and inventory. We also support the definition and promotion of new recruitment models, supporting our clients throughout the process of preparation, bidding, analysis, negotiation and adjudication, as well as at a later stage, accompanying our clients throughout the implementation process And operation of the service.


Public administrations have multiple challenges of modernization and organizational transformation, which require a boost and support from project offices and outsourced service offices. DOXA brings extensive experience in the execution of Project Offices and Complex Services for Public Administration, where management of indicators, modernization, processes, management of change, …


We actively participate in building alliances and facilitate relationships, contributing value in the configuration of strategic agreements, development of consortiums for new business initiatives.

Collaboration with companies in the Public Administration sector to promote alliances to develop projects or complex deals, innovative, of considerable magnitude and length.