Financial Services

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Digital Transformation

The financial sector is in a process of transformation, and encouraged by the irruption of the fintec is oriented to give new services and a different approach to the customer. Doxa provides consulting services, supported by Desing thinking methodology, as well as the ability to provide digital transformation solutions in customer relationship. In the financial field, is the commercial empowerment of financial advisors and their management of change. Finally, in the field of the most direct relationship with the customer Doxa carries out consultative projects of reformulation of branch and of new ways of digital physical relationship.

ICT Efficiency

The Spanish financial sector has passed the last years of a state of expansion to a process of concentration, forced by the economic situation of the country. These changes in a short time have caused companies to not have an adequate inventory of their ICT assets and have no control of the costs associated with them (printing, workstation, telecommunication services, cloud licensing, …). From DOXA we help our clients in the detection, search and promotion of initiatives aimed at rationalizing these ICT assets. We rely on specialized tools that help systematize cost control and inventory, ensuring better control and governance of ICT services and their suppliers.