Consumer & Retail

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Digital Transformation

We help our clients to face the challenges of new business models and actors that break into the market and compete in ways that did not exist before. We transform the relationship with the customer in all points oriented the company toward a true onmicanality and giving solution to a digital relationship with the customer or digital physicist in the fields of Customer service, promotion, offer and after sales. Increasing always the experience that perceives the customer of the products or services that are offered to him fomenting the hypersegmentacion. Without forgetting processes and B2B channels where new ways of relationship and promotion or commercial empowerment becomes increasingly meaningful in the face of high competition and a customer eager for information and personalization

ICT Efficiency

We help our clients to face the technological challenges that arise from the appearance of new business models, supporting the rethinking of the technological strategy of companies, both from a technical and service point of view, analyzing the current situation, and the roadmap to be followed with detailed planning for the implementation of the same.

We also support the definition and promotion of new recruitment models, supporting our clients throughout the process of preparation, bidding, analysis, negotiation and adjudication, as well as at a later stage, accompanying our clients throughout the implementation process and service operation.