The intelligent and appropriate use of technology enables people to improve their lives, increase economic activity and improve competitiveness, modernize administrations and make city management more efficient.

Transforming and innovation implies being closer, more efficient, more transparent and more open.


We capitalize on a wide experience and proven trajectory in assessing transformation projects within the Public Sector.
We assist governments and Public Administrations worldwide in planning, financing and developing their intelligent transformation strategy. We accompany this process with a Governance model that allows to manage innovation and modernize the way of measuring impacts, as well as to generate ecosystems of business and industrial innovation.
We are a reference in Smart Urbanfor the Public Sector, as well as for utilities, telcos, ICT vendors, urban services and Civil Engineering, for which we promote innovative projects and assist in the redefinition of their value propositions to cities and regions.
  • Smart City
  • Smart Goverment
  • Industry 4.0

Related Industries

Utilities & Transport

We speak the language of cities, since we have a wide experience working for the Public Sector; therefore we help Utilities and Transportation companies in adapting their value proposition and business models to address digital transformation in cities and territories. We do so by creating an innovation ecosystem and by generating synergies with start-ups, local companies and IT companies.

IT Industry

We help IT companies to understand how their technology can help address urban challenges worldwide by redefining their value proposition to improve their city-related business.

Public Administration

We promote city and territory transformation, as well as their corporations, focusing on the opportunities that each territory, its environment and economy offers, and leveraging all the assets and stakeholders, through innovation, the development of key services and resources for cities and regions to improve their livability with the ultimate goal of improving the citizen’s quality of life, city resilience and facilitating the action of the government, through open and real time data and information, as well as impacting and benefitting the environment and all the areas of the city (mobility, energy, education, health, waste management, resilience, economy, etc.).

Real State & Urban Engine

Our differential value is that we transform client-provider relationships into real partnership relationships with city councils and governments; so that the company can become the best city partner to offer transversal end-to-end solutions, breaking internal silos, and integrating solutions from different kinds of providers, business and industries.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a key objective in the strategy of any company that demands a high degree of adaptation and evolution.
The way people relate to companies and institutions through technology is setting the pace of transformation and defining new business models in multiple sectors: retail, finances, services, health…
Our value offer focuses on improving and personalizing the relationship of organizations with their customers, enhancing efficiency and commercial empowerment and, ultimately,transformingthe experience into the sale.
We are experts in providing targeted marketing content management solutions needed to face and ensure digital transformation.
  • Consumer Insights
  • Digital Corporation

Related Industries

Financial Services

The financial sector is in a process of transformation, and encouraged by the irruption of the fintec is oriented to give new services and a different approach to the customer. Doxa provides consulting services, supported by Design thinking methodology, as well as the ability to provide digital transformation solutions in customer relationship. In the financial field, is the commercial empowerment of financial advisors and their management of change. Finally, in the field of the most direct relationship with the customer Doxa carries out consultative projects of reformulation of branch and of new ways of digital physical relationship.

Consumer & Retail

We help our clients to face the challenges of new business models and actors that break into the market and compete in ways that did not exist before. We transform the relationship with the customer in all points oriented the company toward a true onmicanality and giving solution to a digital relationship with the customer or digital physicist in the fields of Customer service, promotion, offer and after sales. Increasing always the experience that perceives the customer of the products or services that are offered to him fomenting the hypersegmentacion. Without forgetting processes and B2B channels where new ways of relationship and promotion or commercial empowerment becomes increasingly meaningful in the face of high competition and a customer eager for information and personalization

Pharma, Medical & Social Health

The health and pharmaceutical sector is a highly innovative sector where the impact of the digital transformation will allow to offer better and more efficient services for the final citizen. At DOXA we provide innovative solutions that contribute value in this digital transformation throughout the continuum of care, chronicles, wellness, … .for the Public, Private, Labor, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Tourism & Leisure

A highly competitive digital environment, very mature in terms of promotion management and sales, but where destinations and leisure environments (including commercial ones) need to increase the perception of experience that visitors perceive. Doxa works in proposing and providing enhancements of experience both at the level of the client and all the actors that interact with him, in order to promote a holistic and hypersegmented experience, allowing a sense of excellence and service, generating New business opportunities, loyalty or the sharing of one’s own experience. Always oriented to business results and re-valuing the tourist, recreational or commercial assets of the environment.