Europe plays the Champions League in TMT (Telco, MEdia, Techonolgy)

Europe plays the Champions League in TMT (Telco, Media, Technology)

  • The United States-Canada and Asia-Pacific dominate the technology companies market with 86.3%.
  • If we want to have European players in the Champions, we need to rethink the policies clearly.

These days we have contrasted in the Mobile World Congress that European industry is not an actor or first level player; We have clearly lost strategic position in the world. That is, the leading positions of the United States and China in this area and the decline of Europe is a fact.

If we look at the ranking of companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter or Alibaba, to name a few, it is superior to the gross domestic product of some European countries, in addition to a vital influence and important penetration in our lives , To our habits, in our relationships and in business.

In the field of the hardest industry and managed services companies such as CISCO, IBM, HP, Huawei, ZTE, Intel or Oracle are located.

The United States-Canada and Asia-Pacific dominate the market for technology companies with 86.3%; On the contrary, Europe is at a great distance with 3.4%, and we must mention Germany with SAP in position 10th in the Nasdaq. Even Israel already exceeds ITC companies by 4%.

If we take a look at companies in the media sector, where convergence is a fact, they also dominate non-European companies.

We are experiencing acquisitions of the Telco sector with Media, the connectivity without content has no value, it becomes a simple infrastructure. In this sense, Netflix or HBO are an example of what is happening and, in fact, Netflix’s first executive has been the star of the start of the MWC this year.

If we review the Telcos, disregarding those that dominate markets with a millionaire population and a common language such as China, India or the US, fragmentation in Europe in this sector is a handicap. In fact, perhaps today the most global is Telefónica thinking of Latam.

The European technology manufacturing industry still has a position in mobile technology, but we remember when they were the only worldwide benchmarks with Ericsson, Nokia or Alcatel. Today, Chinese industry has taken the position.

In the sector of the APPs, every time with more position in the sector, does European industry have any chance? Does a Google European sense make sense when it’s global?
Definitely, if we want to have European players in the Champions League, we need to rethink the policies clearly, and if we finally decide that the transformation in Industry 4.0 is the European strategic area, we must create powerful and global players.


11 / 3 / 2017 

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