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DOXA Innova & Smart uses open innovation as the fundamental basis of what it offers

We understand innovation to be a business area that enables continuous improvements to be made to companies and their competitive edge.

We offer a realistic and executive consultative vision with a clear business focus and close relationships with our clients.

Company Background


DOXA Innova & Smart capitalises on its extensive and proven track record of more than 25 years of experience in the field of ICT consultancy and services. Applying a practical and consultative vision and a business focus to everything we do.


We participate in the business development and evolution of the offer of companies in the ICT sector on both a domestic and international level.

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In a highly competitive world, we are the leading partner in digital innovation and transformation.

Our focus is on Smart technologies, the digital transformation of businesses and global efficiency.



“We make things happen”




The application of ICT to urban settings permits the transformation, development and improvement of services, which must be geared towards a financial, social, environmental and customer-oriented environment.




The digital transformation of businesses, processes and organisations means adapting, transforming and innovating.



Recognised leaders in ITC & Energy optimisation and efficiency processes with more than 1,800 million euros managed in both the public and private sectors.


TMT & Entertainment

We provide the strategy and position for new business opportunities; we form alliances by integrating interests and managing the offer from an innovative focus.



We build alliances, facilitate relations and offer value to enable strategic agreements for the development of projects, consortiums and business.s.

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